Beer VS Wine

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I Think About Beer brought up a great point, that he and I should collaborate on a “Beer vs Wine” collaborative discussion type of thing. As much as I hate to perpetuate the idea that a person has to be loyal to one or the other, the fact remains that much of the drinking public, and many people in the industry consider themselves to be specifically “beer people” or “wine people”. I like to try and be in both camps, but at the end of the day Fine Wine Salesman is what’s printed on my business cards. 

What was funny about I Think About Beer bringing this up is that I actually did a wine vs beer dinner several months ago, and just didn’t think to blog it. So here’s how it went:

The first course was kobe gyoza and caprese salad. This combination was hard to pair, and I ended up just going for unobtrusive wines that wouldn’t fight with anything: Zardetto Prosecco and Ballast Point Pale. We had the guests vote by show of hands on which beverage they preferred for each course. The first course was almost even, and interestingly split almost exactly along gender lines, with all of the women and one man voting for the prosecco, and the rest of the men voting for the beer.
Second course was a wilted spinach salad with bacon, paired with Ballast Point Calico Amber and 2010 Chanson Bourgogne Pinot Noir, the Pinot won in a near landslide.
Third course was a pistachio halibut with asparagus, paired with 2011 Laurenz und Sophie Gruner Veltliner and Green Flash Saison Diego, the Saison Diego won by near-unanimous decision.
Fourth was a london broil with frizzled onions and turned potatoes with Ninkasi Believer and 2008 Tinto Pesquera Crianza. The Believer got a few votes, but the Tinto Pesquera was the clear winner. 
Dessert was a spiced chocolate souffle paired with that 1997 Ochs Blaufrankisch Strohwien and Grand Teton Black Cauldron. Interestingly, more people were into the Black Cauldron when tasting the two without dessert, but changed position once the chocolate was served. In the end the Black Cauldron won, but by a very narrow margin.
  1. Did you do the beer pairing as well? Or did a beer guy do it? Most of the pairing choices were in the neighborhood of what I’d go with, except the steak course. I did one last summer where it was an entire wine crowd, no beer people in attendance, and managed to change some thinking on the fact that beer isn’t just for swilling. I think a blew a few people away with my pairings.

  2. I also would have gone with a fruit lambic with the souffle.

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