A blind tasting hodge-podge (part 2: reds)

In Uncategorized on July 3, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Continuing the theme of my last post, we then moved on to reds.

2009 Canoe Ridge Cabernet

I was pretty impressed with this since, having bagged all the wines myself, I was pretty sure this had to be from Washington, but it showed remarkable old-world character. Aromas of cinnamon and red berry, cherry, graphite, licorice, remarkably giving on the palate without being flabby. This is excellent Cabernet.

2009 Waterbrook Reserve Merlot

We were less impressed here. There were pleasant aromatics of red fruit and asian spice, but honestly it suffered in comparison to the Canoe Ridge.

2009 La Coterie Cotes du Rhone

This showed lovely, bright red fruit, subtle herb tones, and very nice balance. It was a bit warm when first approached, which made it seem a little wonky, but when cooled down closer to 60 degrees, it was really quite charming.

2009 Canoe Ridge Merlot

This one definitely showed it’s Washington roots from the get-go, but again was impressively balanced. Aromas of red berry and ripe, almost baked apple, some barrel character of mocha and coffee. Really nice, silky tannins, and great concentration, I would highly recommend about 5 years of cellar time to let it reach full potential.

2010 Kubrock Cuvee Syrah

This was a curveball. A friend who has been in the employ of a Washington winery made a few barrels of Syrah and gave them to us on our last visit. I was glad to see that the wine was consistent from bottle to bottle, showing dense, pure dark fruit, persistent minerality, and the kind of meaty character that belongs in a textbook of Syrah varietal character.

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