Some Washington wines I’ve had this week.

In Uncategorized on May 8, 2012 at 10:06 pm

2011 Waterbrook Sauvignon Blanc

This was really pleasant, and everything I would expect from entry-level Washington Sauvignon Blanc. Nose of grassy tropical fruit, moderate weight, and nice acid in the finish. Great warm weather white, and nicely priced at about $12 retail.

2011 Waterbrook Sangiovese Rosé

I’m always excited to see more domestic wineries making dry rosé. It is one of my favorite wine styles, and I’ve been so frustrated for so many years at the fact that it was so difficult to find good domestic versions, and finding that those that were available were often much more expensive than European options. This Waterbrook is very nicely balanced. It’s very fruity, full of bright cherry and raspberry, fairly weighty in the mouth, with just a little sweetness, but with bright acidity in the finish that makes it quite refreshing. It was delicious with steelhead, and is a great value, also about $12 retail.

*Note: I tried this again a week later, and it is still delicious. Great varietal character, really nice fruit in the middle, and bright acidity in the finish.

2009 Canoe Ridge Merlot

I’m pretty impressed by this. I expect a lot of new oak character from Washington wines generally, and I really don’t find too much of that here. The nose is comprised of primarily fruit aromas of plum and black cherry, with secondary barrel aromas of toffee, baking chocolate, and cedar. The wood is a bit more prevalent on the palate, but I suspect that is also owing largely to the youth of the wine. I recently had the opportunity to try a 2000 Canoe Ridge Cabernet, which was absolutely fantastic. I know the winery has a different winemaker since that vintage, but I expect that this Merlot will improve for several more years, and remain drinkable until at least 2020. For a wine that retails about $20, this is a great, affordable choice for your cellar.

*For the record, this was a solicited review; I was provided a sample for tasting, but was not in any other way compensated by the winery or any of their representatives.

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