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Studying for wine tests is fun, relatively speaking. I mean, there are not a lot of other subjects you can study while drinking and still consider it legit. Still, it does involve a lot of memorization. So here are a few mnemonics I’ve either found or come up with.

Crus of Beaujolais: “Sometimes Japanese Canadians marry French Canadians, making really beautiful children.”

This is less than perfect, but it gives you all the Crus in an approximate north-south list. St. Amour, Julienas, Chenas, Moulin-a-vent, Fleurie, Chiroubles, Morgon, Regnie, Brouilly, Cotes de Brouilly.

Champagne bottle sizes: (I didn’t write this one) “Michael Jackson really makes small boys nervous.”

Names and sizes: Magnum 1.5L, Jeroboam 3L, Rehobaum 4.5L, Methuselah 6L, Slamanazar 9L, Balthazar 12L, Nebuchadnezzar 15L.”

Grands Crus of Chablis:

This isn’t a phrase, but this is how I remember them. There are 7 Grand Crus, and 7 letters in Chablis. Of those 7, there are 4 unique starting letters, V, L, B, and G. I just memorized these 4, but if you come up with a fancy way to memorize them then great. G is the only starting letter that doesn’t repeat, and it’s also the weirdest name; grenouilles, which is French for frogs. Grenouilles is also sometimes called Les Grenouilles, in which case it can be categorized with the other two ‘les’ climats, Les Clos and Les Preuses. The v’s are Vaudesir and Valmur, the b’s Bougros and Blanchot.

I’ll come back to this post and add additional memorization tools as I find/come up with them.

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