Making home wine for the first time.

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So, I had a buddy who had some grape vines. He wasn’t going to use his grapes, so he offered them to me. I’ve never made wine all by myself, but I did spend 6 weeks in 2009 working at a couple wineries, and little brother has been making cider and mead and plum wine for the past year, so between the two of us we ought to be able to figure it out, right?
I started with a few gallons of grapes from my buddy, about half and half Tempranillo and Cab Franc. Then I got a line on some more Tempranillo thanks to the generosity of a local winery. The whole lot soaked for just a few days and then went into a cider press. I dosed it with a packet of dry yeast and the pressed juice was rolling hard within a day. It’s hard to tell at this point how dark my final wine will be, but based on past experience it looks like it should come out pretty light. How light it comes out will have a lot of impact on whether we decided to make our finished product still or sparkling.

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