Loire Valley day 3/Burgundy day 1

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Checked out this morning and drove to Vouvray for lunch. It’s very interesting looking at the suburban architecture in this area. Some places there are the most visually unappealing, blocky apartment buildings, it looks like a stereotype of a Russian ghetto, especially on a cloudy day like today. Other places it looks like London; you expect to see Mary Poppins come out of the clouds.

Vouvray is a very cool-looking village and drastically different from Samur, which was relatively flat. The major geographic feature of the area are the cliffs, into which caves have been dug, and in fact a number of the houses along the main road are actually dug part of the way into the mountain. Here’s a map of the village.

The region of Vouvray is 2,500 hectares. The region produces about 1.2 million cases of white and sparkling wine a year, all 100% Chenin Blanc.

In one of the troglodyte caves we tasted the rest of the Loire Valley wines in the Kacher portfolio, and had lunch.

We tasted the wines from Domaine Herve Seguin, Domaine des Lauriers (Laurent Kraft), Joel Delaunay, Domaine Phillipe Portier, Domaine Assadet, Domaine des Corbillieres, and Domaine Thomas et fils.

More thorough tasting notes later, but among my favorites of the tasting were the 2009 Sancerre “Ultimus” from Domaine Thomas et fils, part of which actually spends some time in wood, but it shows no wood character, just great richness. And the Portier Quincy 2009, which had a great nose full of richness, minerals, and tropical and citrus fruits, almost sweet fruit in the mouth, but with a dry, refreshing, and well-balanced finish.

The drive to Burgundy took just over four hours, and with no tasting scheduled this evening, I was able to catch up on transcribing my notes. However, time does have a way of getting away from me on a trip like this. We went to dinner in the village, I had escargot and beef bourguignon (two of the most famous dishes of the region.) And despite being the first to leave the bar, I still find myself finishing this after midnight. Off to bed for me. Big day of tasting Burgundy and Champagne tomorrow.

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