2008 Joseph Drouhin Pre-Sale tasting

In Burgundy, French Wine on September 14, 2010 at 10:55 pm


Last Saturday we hosted a tasting of 2008 Joseph Drouhin red and white Burgs. I was, sadly, less dilligent than I should have been in keeping notes on each individual wine, but here is my general impression of the wines.

There has been a fair bit of nail-biting regarding this vintage, particularly with regard to the reds, since harvest two years ago. A cool summer, followed by a rainy, windy fall had a lot of producers worried. While this doesn’t seem to me like the vintage of the century, I found the relatively lean character of the reds to be quite charming, and I think they will make great food wines to be consumed over the next several years. The weather resulted in higher acid across the board, and very little ripe, lush fruit. This is certainly not a vintage for anybody who’s a devotee of California Pinot Noir and looking to make the leap to Burgundy, but for initiated Burgophilies, the wines are bright, vibrant, showed no shortage of very pretty aromatics, and were delicious with the chicken and fried zucchini I made for dinner that night.

Where the reds suffered a relative lack of richness due to the weather, the Chablis shone brilliantly for the same reason. I love young Chablis with bracing acidity, and the AC Chablis and Chablis Reserve de Vaudon delivered with gusto. Their bright acidity, combined with trademark Chablis minerality won me over immediately, and truth be told, the Reserve de Vaudon was my favorite wine of the whole day. We also tasted the Grand Cru Vaudesir which, as may be expected, showed more new oak, but as I tasted it several more times over a 24 hour period, the oak integrated well, and the wine showed a nice balance of richness and bright minerality and acidity.

The Cote de Beaune whites showed well also, my second favorite white of the day was the Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru “Les Folatieres”, which had marvelously lively aromatic character, combined with moderate richness, and a great finish.

So, my overall impression of the vintage? Don’t run away from the reds. Though the Grand Crus may not be quite the surefire investment that 05 Grand Crus were, the village and 1er cru wines are lovely, and I for one will be drinking plenty of them. And if you’re as much a Chablis lover as I am, buy SO MUCH Chablis.

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