Fantastic wines from Produttori del Barbaresco

In Italian White, Rosé on June 17, 2010 at 2:26 pm

We had a tasting in the store last night of multiple single-vineyard Barbarescos (Barbaresci?) with help from Chris Zimmerman of Vias Imports. I have been a fan of the Vias portfolio for quite some time now, and this tasting was no exception. We tasted through 01, 04, and 05 wines, and I was blown away by the elegance and structure of all of them. We tasted 01 Ovello at the store, and had a bottle of 01 Rio Sordo at Red Feather during dinner after the tasting, and they were both utterly beautiful. They had enough structure to be cellared further, but were drinking so beautifully I’d be hard pressed not to drink them right away. The 04’s were also remarkably open, and overall seemed a bit more focussed and elegant as a vintage. The 05’s were surprisingly approachable, but I’d say definitely want at least a few more years before they really hit their peak.

Other honorable mentions for the evening go to the 2009 Chateau Mourges du Gres “Les Galets Rosés” Costieres de Nimes Rosé, and the 2007 Sottimano Dolcetto, both of which came off of the Red Feather menu, and were fantastic (and cheap! Both under $30 on the bottle list!).  We also tried a Belgian-style ale from Piedmont, the name of which I’m going to have to go look up.

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