1998 Mas de Gourgonnier Reserve, Les Baux de Provence AOC

In Uncategorized on October 20, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Luc Cartier, the proprietor of Mas de Gourgonnier told me he went to a wedding a few weeks ago, and took a few magnums of his 2000 reserve with him. The wedding was in Bordeaux, and as such the wedding party was obliged to buy several bottles of whatever Chateau the wedding was being held at, I don’t remember which it was, a 4th or 5th growth I believe. He said that his 2000, despite being just a humble Baux de Provence wine, was significantly better-received than the Bordeaux. Now, had he been exaggerating, he wouldn’t have been the first winemaker to do so, but after having a bottle of the 1998 last night, I can certainly give his story the benefit of the doubt. It was elegant and refined, very classical in style with dried flower and subtle fruit preserve action on the nose, and a precise and powerful palate.

We had it with ravioli. I used this recipe for the pasta dough and this one for the filling. (just the filling, not the brown butter part. And I added some pistachios.) For the sauce, Alex made sauteed red onions and pancetta in a chicken stock and white wine reduction.

While the wine did have the power and structure to have been paired with something bigger and meatier, I found this pairing very pleasant, and complimentary to the wine’s admirable elegance.

Omitting a score for the time being, as I am yet again facing a crisis of conscience and logistics with regard to my chosen rating scale.

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